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The right candidate to start immediately 

Scaling up quickly to an entire team or just that one unique talent; whatever your capacity issue, Brainnet will fill it in. For each question, we determine the best way to find the right candidate for you. We can set up a hiring desk from your location, or recruit candidates remotely. If employees within your organization can hire professionals themselves, they can use our hiring portal. They indicate the capacity issue and we get to work.

Everyone can always access the assignment on our online platform. Thousands of suppliers of experts (such as temporary employment and secondment agencies) and self-employed professionals are active on our platform. Brainnet does not second its own people, which makes us 100% independent. And because we use our large network of suppliers, the search area is much larger. This is how we find the best candidate for you at the best rate. In addition to the strength of our platform, our 20 recruiters, consisting of a mix of talent and experience, search for candidates online every day.

Competitive rates

It is striking that the rates of candidates that we select are structurally lower than those for which we only perform contract management. This is because we use a very large network, but also because we offer transparency in the total hiring costs. In addition, we do not make margins on hourly rates of candidates.

 Four areas of expertise

Brainnet searches and finds temporary and permanent staff. Every day, approximately 10,000 professionals are employed via Brainnet in both the profit and public sector. We relieve clients by:

Sourcing Interim professionals

Brainnet has 24 years of experience in finding experienced and talented interim professionals. We use our online platform and a team of 20 recruiters with a mix of talent and experience.


Every year we successfully match dozens of candidates with a permanent position with our clients. From ambitious starters to experienced professionals.

International deployment

Want to bring professionals from abroad to the Netherlands or vice versa? From sourcing, work permit to housing, we take care of everything. Brainnet is a recognized sponsor of the IND.

Project sourcing

Brainnet has extensive experience in sourcing complete project teams within, for example, IT, Operations and Engineering.

Meet our recruiters


Personal contact is very important to us. That makes collaboration easier, faster and more direct. We would like to introduce you to our recruiters.


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