International Deployment

Bring professionals from abroad to the Netherlands or vice versa

Do you have professionals who you want to temporarily put on a project abroad, or do you want to hire someone from abroad? Housing, the right papers, appropriate contracts, vaccinations, but also the (tax) rules of the country; there is a lot to consider when hiring a candidate from abroad. Even if you hire a professional who will work abroad (temporarily), you want to organize things well. Brainnet has extensive knowledge of and experience with international laws and regulations and provides deployments in more than 30 countries worldwide.

If you bring a highly skilled migrant to the Netherlands, they need a recognized sponsor of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). Brainnet is a recognized sponsor of the IND. We ensure that all necessary papers and documents are in order. We also arrange, if necessary, the payment of local taxes and social contributions and we can provide the payment based on payrolling for the professional. Of course we take into account the right contracts and local laws and regulations. If desired, we help with matters such as housing, airline tickets and local transport.

During the deployment, Brainnet will keep in touch with you as the client and with the professional deployed. We take care of the monthly billing (if desired in the local currency of the country concerned). In the event of escalations, we provide professional support and, if necessary, we arrange repatriation.

The benefits at a glance

  • Extensive knowledge of international and local laws and regulations
  • Everything is arranged: from sourcing, work permits to housing
  • Preliminary research per country into (im)possibilities
  • Complete work tracking through professional cloud applications
  • Your guide to tax and social insurance treaties between countries
  • Certified sponsor of the Immigration & Naturalization Service (IND)
  • International payroll opportunities

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