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Contract management

Overview, convenience and efficient 

Hiring professionals involves a lot. Things like hourly rates, contract agreements, laws and regulations, time registration, invoicing and reports. You want to make sure that all your hiring files meet all legal hiring requirements. As market leader in the Netherlands, we know better than anyone how to perform the administrative hiring process. In 2019, we started an average of 700 new hiring contracts every month.

We ensure identical contract conditions and clear agreements for everyone. And we strictly observe it. You can rely on our in-depth knowledge of complex hiring matters. As experts in the field we regularly publish publications on the field of external hiring. We have compiled these clearly in our knowledge base.

We effortlessly link your HR and financial systems to our systems and can easily process invoices. This can be done monthly, weekly or via self-billing. We record contract agreements per hiring file. Professionals digitally register their hours and these can be easily approved. We provide insight and overview and clear reports. All hiring files are available digitally 24/7 for HR, Purchasing and hiring managers.

Professional contract management

Expertise in laws and regulations

Hiring external personnel entails risks. Brainnet is an expert in the field of legislation and regulations and works according to the highest quality standards such as NEN 4400-1, ISO 9001-2015 and ISO: 27001.

Safeguarding of hiring risks

We indemnify clients against all tax and labor law liabilities. This also applies to the risks associated with a fictitious employment and bankruptcy of a supplier.

Level playing field for everyone

We ensure identical contract conditions and clear agreements for everyone, when hiring a self-employed professional, temporary worker, seconded foreign worker or Statement of Work assignments.

Digital hiring processes

With the right automation, we can get a grip on your flexible supply of temporary employees. From application, screening and contracting up to and including invoice: all steps in the hiring process are clearly and transparently supported.

Pre Employment Screening

Know what you get. Screening is an important tool to limit the risks. Brainnet is one of the largest implementers of data verification when hiring staff in the Netherlands.

Real-time insight

All hiring files are available digitally 24/7 via professional cloud applications. Our BI software provides real-time management information for HR, Purchasing and hiring managers.

We process over 65,000 invoices every year. Business information specialist Graydon values Brainnet's payment behavior with a 9.5!


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