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to managing contracts: 
worry-free hiring of
of contingent labour
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In 2019 our client satisfaction
rating was an 8,5!

Our solutions

Why Brainnet

Only independent MSP

Brainnet does not second its own people, and this makes us 100% independent. This makes Brainnet the only truly neutral MSP in the Netherlands.

Significant cost reduction

We achieve cost savings by taking a critical look at hiring rates, intermediaries, HR processes, lead times, contracts, and smart system connections.

Unique Open Source Model

With our unique market reach, we reach over 25,000 suppliers and self-employed professionals via our online platform every day. We source both professionals and entire project teams.

All forms of flex work

Brainnet is an expert in hiring self-employed professionals, temporary workers, seconded employees, foreign workers, and managing Statement of Work.

One solution for the entire contingent workforce process with the right VMS system

With the right automation, you gain insight into your entire contingent workforce. From application, screening and contracting up to and including invoice: all steps in the hiring process are supported in a clear and concise way. You can use Brainnet's VMS, but we can also connect our system to market systems (VMS and ATS) such as Nétive, IQN, SAP Fieldglass, Ariba, Esize, Lumesse or Workday.

Brainnetters make all the difference

Brainnet is all about people. In addition to knowledge and skills, the Brainnet DNA is important to us. We are social, professional, involved, open, and honest. These are the core values that have been with us since 1996. It is important to organise things properly. We find out all details and act quickly. As far as we're concerned: a deal is a deal.

This is Brainnet