Brainnet is part of PRO Unlimited. Find out more

Brainnet is part
of PRO Unlimited

Brainnet and PRO Unlimited, globally active as independent Managed Service Provider, have joined forces. Thanks to PRO Unlimited, Brainnet has become the independent contingent workforce specialist in Europe. Thanks to PRO Unlimited, Brainnet has a global network. Furthermore, Brainnet has access to contingent workforce data and integration with VMS technology that is specially equipped for Contingent Workforce Management, to implement international managed service programmes.

Managing Director Brainnet Tjebbe van Oostenbruggen: "Ever since our foundation in 1996, we have a very clear vision of the MSP market: we believe that clients are entitled to transparency when it comes to margins, rates and revenue models.” Brainnet's vision and approach has led to rapid growth and increasing faith from clients, even during the corona crisis. "We have a driving ambition to grow and we want to maintain and strengthen our market and competitive position as independent contingent workforce specialist. Thanks to PRO Unlimited, we have a unique opportunity to carry out our mission, equal opportunities for self-employed professionals and suppliers of contingent labour, across the EMEA-region.

"PRO Unlimited has a strong view on total talent management, in which technology, data, A.I., and analytics play an important part. In Pro Unlimited, we've found a big brother that has the exact same vision of the contingent labour market. In addition, it’s fantastic that Brainnet will continue to exist as a brand for the EMEA-region.

These past years, Brainnet has grown and strengthened their market share by taking over Infraflex/Myflex (2014) and Novisource Contracting Services (2018). Additional branches were also established in Belgium (2019) and most recently in Germany. "This new development will allow us to broaden and professionalise our service provision and allow us to be active in more industries.”