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Talent adds value to companies

As a hiring specialist, we aim to unburden. That is what we are good at. We find the very best professionals. We ensure smooth processing of contracts with full knowledge of the facts. Together we achieve grip, insight and control over the hiring process.

People are our priority

Personal contact is important to us. We look further than just the knowledge and skills of the candidate, but look at whether he or she really suits an organization.


We clarify what is complicated and we make costs transparent. This way everyone knows exactly where they stand in advance. Transparency in contracts, conditions and rates is deeply embedded in our DNA.

Equal opportunities

We believe that everyone is entitled to enjoyable work, regardless of talent or experience. With us, a self-employed professional has just as much chance of an assignment as a candidate from a large supplier.


We are independent and do not employ people that we second. We are looking for the very best candidate within our online platform with thousands of suppliers and freelancers.

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Highest quality standards

Safe handling of hiring data is our top priority. Hiring professionals therefore takes place according to the highest quality standards. With our experienced tax and legal experts, we relieve clients of all concerns about financial, employment law and legal risks.

Highest certifications

Kwaliteit geborgd  

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 27001
NEN 4400-1

Responsible business

UN Global Compact  

UN Global Compact

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Talent development

Gecertificeerd ECBABO-leerbedrijf  

Certified training company

Our people make the difference

Over the past 24 years, we have grown into the only independent hiring specialist in the Netherlands. Our employees have in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations, hiring processes and the screening and interviewing of candidates. Brainnetters are characterized by their strong work ethic. They don't stop until all the details are correct.


Is your organisation ready for special talent?

People have the right to a job that is consistent with what they can do, even if they have a disability or have less access to the labor market. Brainnet supports organisations in shaping Social enterprising.

Social enterprising

Brainnet in the past 25 years

1996 - Founding of Brainnet
1998 - Relocation Marconibaan
2011 - Farewell to Otto Verkerk
2015 - Farewell to Arno Lugthart
2015 - Acquisition of Myflex
2015 - 1st Christmas Tree Day
2016 - Brainnet 20 years
2017 - Award best MSP
2018 - Top 5 company in the Flexmarkt turnover ranking
2018 - Acquisition of Novisource Broker activities
2019 - Merging Brainnet & Flexbrain
2019 - Sieneke Maij member of management team
2020 - Giancarlo Balzarelli member of management team
2021 - Farewell to Anne Meint Bouma
2021 - Acquisition by PRO Unlimited
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